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Return on Localization Investment (feat. Miguel Sepulveda)

Return on Localization Investment (feat. Miguel Sepulveda)
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Return on Localization Investment (feat. Miguel Sepulveda)

Our guest today is fluent in the language of data. (He is also fluent in metrics and insights, which are of course different things, as we will discuss in this episode of Nimdzi LIVE!.

Miguel Sepulveda is a frequent speaker and teacher on the subject of defining, tracking, and reporting localization metrics - and not just any metrics - metrics that matter! When not at his "day Job" as Global Localization Manager at King, Miguel publishes his insights (and GREAT infographics) on and is a regular contributor for Nimdzi Insights market research.

Yes, we will discuss ROI (return on investment) for localization programs. We will frame the conversation within the larger context of defining metrics that matter, which is to say metrics that matter to the C-Suite. Knowing your company’s (or client’s, if you’re an LSP) long-term goals and key performance metrics is just the first step... The next step requires some creativity.

For example, here are a few examples of metrics companies track in order to prove localization ROI:

1. The increase in hotel rooms booked if the website is localized
2. Annual revenue generated by a browser language A in market B against ongoing translation expense
3. User engagement (as opposed to just user base growth) in select territories if the product is localized correctly
4. For game developers, it can be a combination of metrics – from an increase in regional sales when a language is launched, to cost per install

What metrics should YOU use to track ROI. Well, that of course depends. Every situation is different and warrants a custom approach. But there are also some commonalities. In this episode, we will look at established best practices of mature globalization programs and discussed how these can be modified to fit specialized g11n programs (presumably, like yours).

This episode is for client-side globalization managers, vendor-side account managers and senior customer success managers, and anybody who wants to learn how to speak the language of the C-Suite - the language of data!

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